Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, shelter and house any turtle that comes our way. We provide a loving home with proper care, plenty of food, spacious dry/aquatic habitat for happy living conditions for their remaining lives.

If you have an unwanted, or an unable to care for turtle or terrapin and are looking for a new home for your pet where it will be loved, well taken care of, and amongst the company of other shelled creatures of its kind, you have come to the right place. Based in Staplehurst in Kent we are a non-profit rescue & sanctuary centre. We currently have some 1,500 terrapins including; soft shelled, snake necks, musks, red-eared sliders, yellow-belly sliders and side necks. Some are also disabled.

Turtle Habitat Turtle Water Habitat

We hold a Natural England Invasive Alien Species Licence to legally take in all slider species

Kent Turtle Sanctuary

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