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My goal is to make sure all turtles and terrapins are properly taken care of and that there is a home for those who need it. Many people do not have the time or capacity to take care of these wonderful animals and we are here to establish loving homes and support.

We are currently working towards to buying 5 acres of land so we can make the biggest turtle sanctuary in the UK. This means we can save even more of these creatures and also help to reduce their serious threat to our native wildlife. We will also have a visitor centre in this new Sanctuary where members of the public can visit to see the turtles and also be educated in the reasons they are abandoned, how to trap them and care for them correctly.

We greatly appreciate donations. We are a  non-profit rescue & sanctuary. Everything it takes to feed and take care of these beautiful creatures comes from donations, fund raisers, and sponsors. To make a donation please go to our donation page and see how you can help.