My name is Michael Butcher and when I was a boy I always wanted a turtle as I loved the kids cartoon Teenage Ninja Turtles, however thankfully my dad would not let me have one. Unfortunately some parents and other "ill informed" people did buy them after watching the Teenage Ninja Turtles film and TV series; but when they realised that the 50p-sized babies grow to the size of a dinner plate and have specialist dietary and accommodation needs, some could not cope and dumped them in ponds and lakes.

When I grew up, I discovered that there were lots of these turtles out there that needed a home, so I started the Kent Turtle Sanctuary. We currently have some 1,500 terrapins including; soft shelled, snake necks, musks, red-eared sliders, yellow-belly sliders and side necks. Some are also disabled.

Yellow Bellied Slider

We greatly appreciate donations. We are a  non-profit rescue & sanctuary. Everything it takes to feed and take care of these beautiful creatures comes from donations, fund raisers, and sponsors. To make a donation please go to our donation page and see how you can help.

Kent Turtle Sanctuary

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